Finding more proof

I've been talking to a friend of mine about The Alethia Project and he's brought up a number of concerns. Mostly the concerns all revolve around the idea that, if you trust your source, you can use the conclusion. If you don't, you need to take on all the complexity (and learn the complex knowledge) that was involved in the decision being made. It can't really be broken down anymore without losing information.

My basic premise was that there is a way to split up each decision into it's smallest pieces, so they can be comprehended easier. In much the same general way that evolution creates incomprehensible complexity through tiny incremental changes, I still feel that a complex point can be broken down to tiny individual conclusions. I don't have any good information though, and after talking to my friend, I need better examples and arguments in favour of this.

My plan now is do some "case studies" of trying to discover this info on my own. I'm hoping I'll be able to decide one of:

  • it's easy enough to do the research online as is
  • levels exist in the research I do where it would be perfect to have a page describing the conclusion, where I could click through to the info beneath it

To do this, I'm going to do some "case studies" for things I want to know. There might be a bunch of these, but to start with, I plan on:

  • What exactly is Dodd-Frank?
  • Does Romney's tax plan add up?

We'll see what happens.